We are in advertising continuously since 1997. As employees of the leading Polish advertising agencies we had the opportunity to contribute to the development of many companies and brands of the late nineties, while gaining the know-how and experience directly from the best in this business. We worked for beer brands such as: 10,5, Lech beer, Specjal beer, West and Mocne cigarettes (the first Polish cartoon advertising campaign "Stefan Strong") and many others. It not only developed in us the sense of confidence in our skills but also taught us the respect and better understanding of the needs of a customer, who is not always well-versed in the nuances of marketing and advertising complex field.

Escaping from the corporate environment and at the same time deliberately losing the opportunity to work for the biggest brands led to set up, in 2001, the advertising agency TOYETO, general partnership, which in such a formula was operating for 14 years, until December 2014. The first years of the company's activities were dominated by providing the service mainly for pharmaceutical companies: Novartis, Polpharma, GlaxoSmithKline, Bayer, Ewopharma, Beaphar. Of course themes from other industries have gradually appeared in the portfolio of our agency, e.g.: insurance - Signal Iduna, the food industry - Bruno Tassi, Deco, Avalon Foods, construction - Versus Investments, Moderna, Panoramaand more. Around 2006 we started cooperating with Russian companies. We can be proud of creating many brands which, every year, are exhibited at the Prodexpo fair in Moscow. Diversification in servicing commercial companies was and still is the work which we provide for the Development Foundation for the Gdansk University - Seal Centre , and ARMAAG Foundation, which looks after the purity of air over the Tri-City, as well as projects related to surfing - LEPUS.SURF project.

The end of 2014 brought the end of the advertising agency in the form of TOYETO. All the people involved in the creation, graphics, illustration, preparation of materials for production, maintenance and making of websites and social networking sites form the TOYETO company went over to the newly established company LEPUS.SURF. Since August 2014 as LEPUS.SURF we have been working for new clients and the majority of former clients of TOYETO general partnership.